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And It's Finished

Book 2 is finally finished.

  It was really finished last week, but I've been swamped.

One of my more... creative story-lines I'm particularly proud of my in-depth plot and the twists and turns this book takes.  We have our two characters that carry over from Book1 and introduce several more.  It's a struggle, throughout, for many people's souls -- fight between light and dark -- and each person has some very significant burdens to carry, and obstacles to overcome.  At this time, I'm not prepared to give a lot of detail... but as my writing career has developed, this is one of my better, more in depth, novels that pushes the boundaries of what one would expect in a true romance a little. 

We are also set up for book 3 when we get to the end of this one.  And as critiques are rolling in, I've had some rather frantic remarks about wanting to see book 3, given who is the hero in it.  (You've seen him before, somewhere).

As a question... what do you all think of people who push the line of... redemption... having a romance written in a darker fashion?  I am tinkering with the idea of a later plotline in this series using someone who was once an antagonist.  The character cannot be fully redeemed -- it isn't in the personality to suddenly be a "Good Guy".  And the character's mate would be in the same situation.  They are not psychopathic chaotic villans... they just have a job to do, and someone has to do it,and they do theirs well.  Is that too... unromantic?

Must go for the night.




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